Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spiritology / Spiritologie

Spiritology or spiritologie is simply the study of the spirit and is a term that may be used instead of psychology or on its own. It is a useful word and should never be trademarked.

                                     Spiritology = Study of the spirit

Spiritology could eventually become the science of the spirit, but there is no well defined subject existing on this planet at this time, due to lack of an agreed upon definition of what is spirit.

Hubbardian and Robertsonian spiritual self help philosophies (scientology) were 20th Century Western attempts to construct a science of the spirit.

Buttlerian Spiritologie was a later derivative of the above.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Buttlerian Spiritologie

For a few years 2008-2013 Spiritologie was a subject, ownership of which was claimed by Andreas Buttler who licensed its use until december 2013, when he publicly disavowed it.

Multi Genius Technologies, was a group from the Netherlands which promoted the subject -  unknown outside of Germany -  in 2008 to an international audience of mostly ex-scientologists.

Buttlerian Spiritologie was defined in a book with the title Spiritologie: The doctrine of the origin, the infinite potential and the full rehabilitation of the spiritual being, published in 2008.

Andreas Buttler claimed to have been L. Ron Hubbard in a past life. He was a knowledgeable scientologist and played the role of the mad genius well.

Buttlerian Spiritologie was leaning heavily on Scientology but did have some brilliant ideas and applications, such as using imagination processing and a new way of incorporating the infinity concept.

The doctrine of the origin of the spiritual being was Buttler's invention and was controversial even among Spiritologists. Many people just used the very practical processing technique and skipped some of the theoretical considerations.

The main proponents and promotors of the subject in recent years dropped the Andreas Buttler Spiritologie connection in December 2013 and reverted to their earlier Multi Genius Technologies concept.

They re-constituted themselves under a new name as Multi Genius Technology for Consciousness.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Spiritologie Symbology

Spiritologie was defined by its founder Andreas Buttler as: ‘The study of the origin, infinite potential and the complete rehabilitation of the spiritual being.’

The image below was the main symbol used in Buttlerian Spiritologie. The following may well be the first full description and analysis of its actual meaning.

Buttlerian Spiritologie Symbol
Buttlerian Spiritologie Symbol

The wreath is closed, full circle, which means it is a complete and closed system.

This also becomes clear once on examines the philosophical foundation of Spiritologie:

All – and by that I mean as a matter of fact precisely that, namely all – what you perceive and experience is exactly that, which you out of yourself, through your own causal thinking create, and indeed exactly … now!

By that principle–it being a self-referential statement–Spiritologie is philosophically a solipsistic idealism. (nothing exists really but one’s own self-created universe)

The five pointed star, a common symbolic for the human body as well as the spirit being the senior entity. It is placed in the center which symbolizes the first impulse from where the spiritual awareness takes off to broaden outwards to infinity although still within the enclosure.

Birds are symbols of thought, or imagination, and of the swiftness of spirit. The two gulls are free to fly in two directions but inside the system.

Conspicuous are the two infinity symbols placed at right angles in the inverted cross position. The inverted cross is an antithesis to the Latin Christian cross and denotes sometimes Satanic, but usually anti-authoritarian, anti-christian attitudes.

The two infinity symbols show a horizontal lemniscate (infinity symbol) broken in the middle by another crossing lemniscate.


The first development of Andreas Buttler concerned the use of the infinity viewpoint as a universal solvent. That is to say that even when using infinity that way, there would be a necessary and co-incident crossing by another infinity and all that in a blue field which signifies truth and carries the hope of freedom.

When the infinity viewpoint was rehabilitated (horizontal) through the so called Infinity Rundown there was still another infinity (vertical) to be mastered in the pan-determination rundown and all that within the system.


It is arguable that Andreas Buttler, who believed he had been L.Ron Hubbard in a former life, chose his Spiritologie symbol to serve as a reminder to former members, that he was creating a new version of the Scientology Organizaton.