The new spiritology

Spiritology or spiritologie is now simply the study of the spirit and is a term that may be used instead of psychology or on its own. It is a useful word and should never be trademarked.

Spiritology = study of the spirit

Spiritology could eventually become the science of the spirit, but there is no well defined subject existing on this planet at this time. Buttlerian Spiritologie just as Hubbardian and Robertsonian psychology (Scientology) are far from flawless.

History of Buttlerian Spiritologie

For a few years 2008-2013 Spiritologie was a subject, ownership of which was claimed by Andreas Buttler who licensed its use until december 2013, when he publicly disavowed it.

Buttlerian Spiritologie was defined as: The doctrine of the origin, the infinite potential and the full rehabilitation of the spiritual being. Andreas Buttler had claimed to have been L. Ron Hubbard in a past life and in some aspects he matched the description. He was a knowledgeable scientologist and - in particular in 2009 when attempting to take over the church - he played the role of mad genius well.

Buttlerian Spiritologie was leaning heavily on Scientology but did have some brilliant ideas and applications, such as using imagination processing and a new way of incorporating the infinity concept. The doctrine of the origin of the spiritual being was Buttler's invention and was controversial even among spiritologists. Many people just used the very practical processing technique and skipped some of the theoretical considerations.

This is why the main proponents and promotors of the subject in recent years, were quite happy to drop the Andreas Buttler connection and continue on their own.

New name

The group which formed the international center for Spiritologie in recent years, decided to drop the entire dedication to Buttlerian Spiritologie. They follow a 'best practice' formula, which they call Multi Genius Technology. This means they consult multiple geniuses (teachers, enlightened spirits and scientists) in the search for spiritual truth and use a selection of technology that is useful in increasing awareness and ability. The new name is...

Multi Genius Technology for Consciousness

Institute for the New Education.

Their website ( explains it all. They offer courses in imagination techniques, use of GSR-meter (aka E-meters or Navigators) for purposes of processing. They also offer completely new courses in spiritual science, advanced communication training and philosophy orientation courses.

New Book

A first draft of a new book, 121 pg A4, with the title 'Sentience and Intelligence', was handed out to attendees of the last Spiritologie convention. This book, which was painstakingly going into the underlying science and philosophy, was not ready for final publication. After the convention it was decided to write another book, with less theory in a more practical handbook format. This book is due to be released in a few months.

Organizational structures 

There were in the past years several spiritologists, who were authorized by us to professionally deliver spiritologie sessions. The rundowns were delivered from Spiritologie International in Biere, Germany. The only Spiritologie center authorized to deliver the socalled rundowns was the center in Vienna, Austria run by Claudia Moser.

Our investigations and reviews over the last half year have shown that the technology delivered under the heading of 'Spiritologie' was not complete. This was a by-product of the attempted simplification of certain scientology procedures. We found that the professionals should have a much broader training than what was required in Spiritologie to be able to handle all cases and situations.

The training-which will soon be available from MGT for Consciousness-will remedy that.

The Spiritologie Foundation, will be renamed MGT Foundation and will otherwise continue in a similar fashion as before.The Spiritologie group on Facebook-a closed group-will be renamed in the near future.


The principal website is now It has a blog attached which is open for comments. The websites / / /  are for sale and / or will be discontinued in the course of the year.

If any questions on these recent changes, please email to spiritologie08 @

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