From Spiritologie to Spiritology

On a website that is known under the heading of Spiritologie, introducing a new Spiritology needs some clarification. The original Spiritologie (note the –ie ending) was developed between 2004 - 2008 by the German author Andreas Buttler and is described in the book titled Spiritologie, the doctrine of the origin, infinite potential and the complete rehabilitation of the spiritual being. The book is still available on line on this website.

What happened?

In November 2013 the author retracted some of the foundational statements on which the subject was built and withdrew altogether. This did not impress those who have been actively involved and delivering its technology. The principal adherents of the Spiritologie movement were familiar with the actual source1 of it. They knew its technology in practice. They knew it was very workable. Its beauty was in its simplicity and the sheer attraction of its lofty view on infinity.


The original author’s change of mind however led us to examine the theoretical and philosophical part of the subject a lot closer. When a careful review2 of the Spiritologie textbook was undertaken it suddenly became clear why certain things and dramatizations had taken place.

We found that one theme, threading through the entire book, was capable of causing mischief. The author of the original spiritologie dramatically confused the infinity-god level and the human-spirit level in his life and in his book. Infinity vs spirit is the key to the entire subject. In what we could now call Buttlerian Spiritologie it could be understood this way or that way.

The great thing about Spiritologie was exactly that foundation pillar3 that the author now disowns. Unwittingly he led us to a greater understanding of that very fundamental.


We can now see that this fundamental referred to the highest level of the Absolute or Infinity and it is true from that echelon only. Do not make the mistake of pretending that a you--an individual spiritual being--exists and operates automatically at that level after having done some rundowns.

We and most of us have however experienced that, after doing these processing levels consequently and all the way, the  highest level shows up much clearer and nearer than ever before.

New text book

We have now identified the exact missing link. To make sure such confusions do not happen again we will work out and use clear definitions and clear language in a new text book. We also found that the old Spiritologie was presented in the limited context and background of scientology and no effort had been made to relate it to other relevant subjects. By this we mean existing traditional wisdom as well as what is variously referred to as the ‘new science’. Characteristic of this emerging new science is its willingness to look beyond three-dimensional or Einsteinian four-dimensional reality and include consciousness in its field of inquiry.

It is actually surprising that despite all these needed changes in the theory that the practical technology needs no change at all and for that we can thank the originator of ‘old’ Spiritologie.

What’s new and what’s not

We will present the subject newly as SPIRITOLOGY.

New will be more precision in expressing our philosophical basis.

New will be clarifying our relationship to other philosophical and scientific disciplines.

New will be acknowledging other sources of spiritual wisdom.

New will be addressing the intelligentsia of planet earth rather than an esoteric group.

We are open to improve technology.

We continue to deliver all of our technology.

We do not change our fundamentals.

We do not change our already workable technology.

We will provide improved as well as new educational materials and courses.


All of this will need a few more pages to explain, material tentatively presented at the seminar in January will be qualitatively improved and made available as a course. All of this will then be released as a book in June 2014 at the time of the next congress.

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