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On a website that is known under the heading of Spiritologie, introducing a new name needs some clarification. Spiritologie (note the –ie ending) was developed between 2004 - 2008 by the German author Andreas Buttler and is described in the book titled Spiritologie, the doctrine of the origin, infinite potential and the complete rehabilitation of the spiritual being. This book is still available from Prime Time Publications.

What happened?

In November 2013 the author wrote a statement in which he retracted some of the foundational statements on which he had built Spiritologie and withdrew altogether. In his own words: 

“No one should basically climb a tower built by me, that is based on a rickety, shaky foundation and it is therefore that I have decided no longer to disseminate Spiritologie or to designate it as a technology for the rehabilitation of  a complete cause position concerning all areas of life, as I do not wish anyone to arrive one day to the point where I currently got to.  …”

This basically sealed the lid on Spiritologie as far as its founder was concerned.

Spiritologie Foundation

The principal adherents of the Spiritologie movement were familiar with the actual source1 of it. They knew its technology in practice. They knew it was very workable. Its beauty was in its simplicity and the sheer attraction of its lofty view on infinity.

The original author’s change of mind however led us to examine the theoretical and philosophical part of the subject a lot closer. When a careful review2 of the Spiritologie textbook was undertaken it suddenly became clear why certain things and dramatizations had taken place.

We found that the author of the original spiritologie left a very important aspect, namely the relationship between the infinity-god level and the individual spirit level, inadequately described. Infinity vs spirit was the key to the entire subject of Spiritologie and this it turned out had become a source of confusion to many readers.

New book–new subject–new name

Several months of reviewing all material of Spiritologie, we concluded we could no longer use Spiritologie for several reasons:

  • The founders decision no longer to disseminate Spiritologie
  • By reviewing the whole subject we isolated the weak points and found that Spiritologie was INCOMPLETE.
  • We found the missing links between the Spiritual and Infinity echelons
  • We also found out the true source of the succesful Imagination Processing

We have incorporated these findings in a new book. As we respect the founders wish to no longer disseminate Spiritologie we will have a new subject as well as a new name.

This needs a full exposé of what we found missing and the resulting new developments.

At the upcoming Convention 6 – 8 June 2014, a first draft of the new book will be presented, the new name of the subject will be revealed.

1  Hubbardian Psychology aka Scientology

2  A book review is available on request as annotated e-book, please email to spiritologie08 @ gmail.com

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